7 Tips for Winning Your AFL Tipping Comp

Check out Recent Form Guide – This is probably the most obvious tip coming into AFL Tipping in 2021. The Recent Form Guide  will have all you need to know in terms of player performance, average goals scored, and whether both sides are in a bit of a slump or on a winning streak. The Form Guide will always have your back statistics-wise, and this is a must-check before you place your AFL Tips.

Home Ground Advantage – Is the team playing away from home or will they be matching-up on their own soil? This info is vital when placing a tip, with teams always performing better on their own home turf. Check out whether they’ll be travelling or not (this info should be available on your Tipping Site) and you’ll most likely find your winner.

Don’t Tip The Underdog to Catch Up – If you’re a bit behind in the tipping contest, don’t start madly chasing your losses and trying to catch up by tipping all the underdogs. You’ll only fall further behind. Although, that being said, there’s usually one upset in the AFL per week, so look to Home Ground Advantage and Form Guide to find this.

Look at What the Fans have Tipped – You can see the percentage of fans who tipped each team on your tipping site, and you should definitely utilise this resource to assist you in making your decision. AFL fans live and breathe the game, and they’ll definitely be well-informed with a winner. If a resounding amount of fans have tipped one side to win, it’s pretty safe to say they probably will.

Look at the Expert Tips – Some experts are absolute nuffies, but some, like Bruce McAvaney, will always get them right. Look at who the expert’s are choosing to win each match, take out the team they support because they’ll probably be biased, and you should be able to find a winner. Remember, they’re experts for a reason.

Player Injuries – Injuries to key players will definitely determine a winner. If key stars are out, it’s looking more likely the other side will win. Keep informed on player injuries and late outs, because you’re able to change your tips up until the first bounce.

AFL Ladders – The Ladder is obviously the key determinant in how teams are performing. The favourites usually win, bar a few underdogs and upsets here and there, so definitely check the AFL Ladder before tipping. There should be a ladder on the side bar of your tipping website, so you shouldn’t need to leave the site.