Opinion: AFL Night Grand Finals Are The Way Forward

Ah, the AFL Night Grand Final… a heavily contested, and highly dramatized situation in 2020. The first ever Night Grand Final only made it’s inception this year, due to peak Coronavirus seeing the AFL GF being played at the Gabba, rather than at the MCG. Fans were divided, to say the least.

But, the Night Grand Final should remain, after making history in 2020. The AFL evolved this year, perhaps in an unprecedented manner, but many aspects of this evolution should now take a strong hold on the game, including the night Grand Final.

Never has there been a spectacle quite like what we saw in this year’s night Grand Final. As well as being easier to organise your day around, the lights, the fireworks, the music, all took Australia’s top sporting event to the next level. And if you don’t believe me? The ratings proved it.

This is the biggest Sporting Event in Australia that we’re talking about here, and it should be treated as such. Although you’ll hear the age-old excuse repeated over and over, ‘It’s not an Event, it’s a Game.’ It most definitely isn’t just that, and players and fans alike deserve to respect that – and make the match even more special, by keeping it at night.

A Saturday night this year definitely showed it’s imperative, with plenty of time to celebrate before and after the final siren. We can see the half-time show be an absolute spectacle that will rival those around the world, and the match slots perfectly into prime-time, maximising the audience and viewers around the country.

A Saturday Night Grand Final was simply too good an event, and rated far too highly, for the match to retain it’s 2:30pm start next season. It’s simply a fact.